Airman & Family Readiness Center (FRG)


The mission of the Airman & Family Readiness Center (Family Readiness Group) is to provide family assistance, promote family readiness, conduct child& youth programs, and enrich family communication skills through outreach and education in order to support Pennsylvania's military families.


With compassion and through dedicated customer service, the A&FRC strengthens service members and families, thus preparing servicemembers to fulfill states and federal duties.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Deployment cycle preparation and support
* Family Readiness Education
* Information and Referral
* Volunteer Coordination/Recognition/Recruiting/Training
* Management and collaboration with wing resources (Chaplain, Legal, Finance and Public Affairs, etc.)
* Life Skills Education and Consultation
* Volunteer Communication
*Community Outreach




To contact the 111th Airman & Family Readiness Center (FRG) directly, call (215) 323-7132

Military OneSource
is your central hub and go-to-place for information on military information and confidential consulting on topics from education and financial assistance to health and emergency services. Click on the graphic to be connected.

This Month, Military OneSource is focusing on Money & Budgets. Click here for free financial and legal information on this topic!

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Retiree Activities Office

The Horsham Air Guard Station Retiree Activities Office is located on Horsham AGS, Pa.
Building 203, Room 168
- Volunteers are available Tues-Fri from approximately 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 
- To contact the office, please call 215-323-7135
- COMING SOON: Horsham AGS Retiree News Letter!



Horsham Air Guard Station in Pennsylvania is planning a Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD), in the 111th Attack Wing Headquarters auditorium (Bldg. 203). An informational seminar will cover topics such as TRICARE, Veterans Affairs, space-available travel, finances, and more. A light lunch buffet will be available provided by the Friends of 111th Family Programs office. For more information on RADs, contact:

For more information Contact: Jenny Pappas:
Cell: 215-732-7135

Pre/Post Deployment Info

The Yellow Ribbon Program offers National Guard and Reserve Service members and their families deployment cycle information, resources, programs, services, and referrals. The program spans the times before and after a member's deployment. Click on image for more information.

ESGR promotes cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in resolving conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. Click on image for more information.

Strong Bonds honors and supports Service members and Families in the Guard and Reserve components by providing offsite family and marriage retreats to strengthen your relationships and help you and your family manage the pressures of deployments and reintegration. Click on image for more information.

The Air Force will take care of its Wounded Warriors. We will fully support the Office of the Secretary of Defense programs to keep highly skilled men and women on active duty. If this is not feasible, the Air Force will ensure Airmen receive personalized support through the AFW2 program. Click on image for more information.

The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation's deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our country. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration a grateful nation can provide to the veteran's family. Click on image for more information.

A&FRC Corner

Anna Richar is the Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager for the 111th Attack Wing. She is located in building 335 in room 123, near the rear gym entrance.



Month of the Military Child

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child safety and well-being is everyone's responsibility, but many times passers-by, friends, community members and even parents are reluctant to speak up. Talking to people about parenting or reporting potential child abuse or neglect can feel uncomfortable. Many people think it's none of their business or that if something is truly wrong someone else will step in. It takes courage to speak up, but it only takes a minute to make a difference. Child safety is your business.

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