111th ATKW Strength Management Team

During the enlistment process, a member from the Strength  Management Team will meet with and brief prospective recruits on specific education benefits. The retention office, along with the recruiting office, compose the 111th Attack Wing's Strength Management Team.


An Air National Guard recruiter walks new recruits through the enlistment process.

Speaking to a recruiter does not obligate an individual to serve, and it is possible to meet with a recruiter several times before joining the military. Recruiters can answer any questions about the specific service and the military in general; they help match people to career opportunities; and they help prepare recruits for Basic Military Training (BMT). Also, recruiters welcome questions from parents.

Parents are also welcome to witness the last stage of the enlistment process, which is an enlistment ceremony. During the ceremony, a military officer will conduct the Oath of Enlistment, in which recruits swear that they will support and defend the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Constitution of the United States.

For descriptions or more information about these career opportunities, please contact a 111th Attack Wing recruiter. To view a list of enlisted Air Force Specialty Codes and the jobs associated with those codes, click   HERE.

Current as of Jan. 28, 2022: 

No events to report, please check back for more opportunities to meet with a 111th Attack Wing Recruiter or call the numbers located on the left side of the page.

Cash for School (or other stuff...):The Montgomery GI-Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB0SR/Chapter 1606) provides education and training benefits to eligible members of the Guard. It is monthly expense allowance of up to $367 sent directly to the Guardsman (not to the school) to spend on books, supplies--anything the member deems appropriate.

The transferability option under the Post-9/11 GI Bill may allow servicemembers to transfer some or all of their benefits to DEERS-eligible spouses or children.

100% College Tuition: Pennsylvania State program called Education Assistant Program stats that the Pennsylvania Nation Guard will pay up to $3, 746.00 to tuition per semester and $369.00 per month directly to the member based on fulltime rate (12+credits). The member must be a state resident,have a six year Guard contract and have completed Basic Military Training. Member must be in a degree or certificate program at the school located in Pennsylvania and approved by the Pennsylvania higher Education Assistant Agency (PHEAA).  There are over 400 approved schools. 

For more information on how the Pennsylvania National Guard can help fund your education click here.

Master Sgt. Alex Galatis: Master Sgt. Galatis is a career and retention specialist with the 111th recruiting team. He enlisted into the Pennsylvania Air National Guard after spending four years in security forces for the Active-Duty Air Force and one year in the Air Force Reserve. He became an ANG recruiter in 2012.
Phone: (215) 323 7401

Master Sgt. Rachel Ali: Master Sgt. Ali is a production recruiter. She spent ten years in the military medical field before becoming an Air National Guard Recruiter. She joined the New Hampshire ANG in 2009, as the non-commissioned officer in charge of public health until arriving at Horsham Air Guard Station, Pennsylvania, in 2014. She become a recruiter in September of that year. 
Contact Info: (215) 323-7402