Base sticker procedure changes

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Christopher Botzum
  • 111th FW Public Affairs
     The New Year is quickly approaching.  Is your base sticker date expiring? A new policy regarding mandatory base vehicle sticker renewal has been implemented.
     Expired vehicle stickers can be updated currently through 2012. If your current DOD base sticker is extremely faded and illegible, write down the sticker number and carefully scrape the sticker off once expired. Collect and retain the remnants by placing them in an envelope or sticking them on a 3x5 inch card for example. These DOD stickers are accountable items and need to be turned into security police at building 219, room 303 once removed.
     If your base sticker still has a valid year associated and it is fully legible, keep it on the vehicle. A valid sticker will ease your entry onto other bases that you may frequent.
     Buying a new car, replacement or adding a vehicle? Obtaining a new base vehicle sticker will be at your option.
Authorized entry will be granted with your current and valid military, retiree or dependant identification card. If you sell, trade or dispose of your currently owned vehicle with a sticker, you are required to remove the placard and return it to the security police office.
     This policy change does not relieve the vehicle owner or operator from the requirement of a valid civilian driver's license, proper and current vehicle registration and required vehicle insurance coverage. Mandatory state vehicle and safety inspections are applicable according to the state guidelines to which the vehicle is registered.
     If you have any specific questions, you can contact the Pass and ID Office at (215) 323-8585.