201st RED HORSE successfully hurdles ORI

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Christopher Botzum
  • 111th FW Public Affairs
     November 16 marked the beginning of the much awaited Phase II of the Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) for the 201st RED HORSE Squadron in Fort Indiantown Gap. The four day higher headquarters inspection would assess the unit's ability to function in war-time scenarios, chemical and conventional ability to survive environments, area security functions   and timed specific construction objectives.
     Over the past year, a vast amount of planning, coordination, practice and extended hours became the norm in preparation for this event. Over 100 Willow Grove 201st RHS, Detachment 1 members directly participated with additional personnel assisting in a host capacity.
     At 1730 on Sunday Nov 20th, after a long period in MOPP 4, came the much awaited call across the radios and public address system, "ENDEX, ENDEX, ENDEX."  Revitalized in the self-assured feeling of a job well done throughout the inspection, the members began the tear down of the mock deployed encampment.  The following day, the convoy trip of equipment and personnel back to Willow Grove was flawless.
     "Over the past year and a half, the unit has focused on the combat applications of its core functions during all training opportunities," said Wing Commander, Col. Tony Carrelli. "This milestone was just certified during the ORI by the Air Combat Command IG. The last phase of the RED HORSE evolution is to stand ready. They are now on the combatant commander' s speed dial as a combat ready organization," he added.
     "The unit has made tremendous progress over the past few years, which is a great testament to those who serve in the unit and those in the Wing who have supported them. The ACC IG was impressed by our new unit already, having some of the strongest areas seen to date by the team, Air Force wide," Carrelli said.
     Though many groups and individuals shined during the inspections, the IG team specifically identified the below Detachment 1 team and personnel as "Superior Performers" for their
innovation and contribution to the successful outcome of the inspection:

Superior Performers (Team)
  • Airman 1st Class Steven Mahler (cargo build-up team)
  • Airman 1st Class Remmington Kauffman (cargo build-up team)
  • Airman 1st Class Patrick Moyer (cargo build-up team)
Superior Performers (Individual)

  • Master Sgt. Jason Robbins
  • Technical Sgt. Christopher Coyne
  • Technical Sgt. Andrew Horn
  • Staff Sgt. Joseph Bonamico
  • Staff Sgt. David Cossaboon
  • Airman 1st Class Devin Jackson