Close really only counts in hand grenades

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Christopher Botzum
  • 111th FW Public Affairs
     During November's drill weekend, the 111th Security Force Squadron held familiarization training on the usage of hand grenades. The hands-on training highlighted safety, how and  when to use this weapon and confidence building practice.
     "Beyond the wow factor, grenades are ideal for clearing enemy combatants from a covered area such as a room or tucked behind a berm," said Tech. Sgt. Patrick Geiser, combat arms instructor for the 111th Security Forces Squadron. "Using a grenade to clear large clusters of enemy forces reduces our exposure to the possibility  of direct fire. It is also an effective  device for disabling light vehicles," Geiser added.
     Nearly 100 grenade simulators were expended during the three hour training session. Security Forces members and several representatives of the Wing Safety office participated in the course. Timing, accuracy and maximizing your own personal cover while throwing the weapon were some of the practical objectives.