Wing cleans up their act in pre-Labor Day grind

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Andria Allmond
  • 111th Attack Wing Public Affairs
Volunteers from the 111th Attack Wing prepared for Labor Day by flexing their muscles in manual labor during a base clean-up event held Aug. 4, 2015 here.

Organized several times a year, base beautification not only makes the installation look it's best, but it also gives members the chance to work with fellow Guardsmen they might not see on the average duty day, said Col. Howard "Chip" Eissler, 111th ATKW commander.

"We take everyone and spread them throughout the base," said Chief Master Sgt. James A. Tobolski, 111th ATKW project manager. "It doesn't matter if they know the person who'll be working next to them because by the end of the day, they will. In fact, it's actually better when we split up offices and units."

The day began with a commander's call, rallying the troops and readying them for the day's events. After a short address and a recognition of newly-acquired members led by Eissler, Tobolski divided the assembly into smaller working groups, each with an assigned leader and duties specific to an area of the base. Responsibilities ranged from raking leaves and trimming shrubbery to larger-scale functions like tree trimming and wood chipping.

"When we have a base clean-up day, it certainly accomplishes the mission of enhancing the appearance of the base, but it also allows us to showcase skills that fall outside the realm of what we do every day as Guardsmen," said Master Sgt. Kevin Watson, 111th ATKW recruiting office supervisor. "For example, we might not know that this master sergeant knows landscaping or that major is capable operating heavy equipment. Yet, on days like this, those hidden talents are showcased and utilized for the good of the unit."

After toiling in the 90-some degree weather, the partitioned teams reunited at the installation's dining facility--tired, but spirited from a morning of comradery and cleaning. And in the end, the impeccable installation was proof positive that teamwork triumphed
"As with all of our base clean-up days, we consider this one a success," said Tobolski. "Getting people out and moving with their military family, while working for a unified goal is always a win
"And for those who had a good time today, don't worry, they'll be plenty more opportunities to get out of the office and do some manual labor."