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  • 111th ATKW highest-enlisted leader passes baton during Feb. drill

    The 111th Attack Wing Chief Master Sgt. Robert Ferguson accepted authority as command chief master sergeant from 111th ATKW Commander Col. Bill Griffin during a ceremony here, Feb. 8. Command chiefs advise the unit commanders on all enlisted matters, including all issues affecting the command's mission and operations; and the readiness, training, utilization, morale, technical and professional development; and quality of life of all enlisted members in the organization.
  • Targeting a killer, 111th ATKW reminds community to be vigilant

    We have intelligence regarding a sleeper cell intent on killing from within. The threat does not distinguish between military and civilian targets. It strikes regardless of race, religion, social status, or even gender. And, it wants nothing more than to silently destroy as many as possible.
  • 111th ATKW leaves the porchlight on for members, families

    Whether an 111th Attack Wing member is on active-duty status or a drill-status Guardsmen, military members and their families have constant support here.
  • 111th ATKW official reminder: Substance abuse prevention requires constant attention

    Substance abuse can have a negative impact on one’s health, relationships, work, and for those who serve in the military, it can completely end their career. Although October was National Substance Abuse Prevention month, it is important that service members are always holding themselves accountable.
  • Energy awareness, Horsham Air Guard leading the way

    While the 111th Attack Wing commander isn’t going to chastise members for turning up the thermostat, he might suggest putting on another layer. As temperatures drop in the area, historically energy costs rise. In order to combat that increase, Horsham AGS Facilities Manager Chief Master Sgt. Chris Haas, is overseeing Federal Energy Management Program energy conservation efforts recommended for military installations.
  • ANG director, command chief make a stop at Pa.’s resilient attack wing

    Air National Guard leaders met with 111th Attack Wing members to feel the pulse of the wing with possibly the most interesting story of resilience in the ANG.
  • Our Story: Being Black in the Air National Guard

    Race in the military can be a hot topic. Recently, multiple instance have been covered by the media that may make a military member question how far we've come as an institution. Three members of the 111th Attack Wing open up discussion about their experience with race in the National Guard
  • Commander’s Commentary for 2018: Trust and loyalty will preserve a ready, resilient force

    Col. Bill Griffin, 111th Attack Wing commander, takes a moment to offer his charge to the 111th ATKW Airmen: impart trust and loyalty in order to remain ready and resilient.
  • Black Pa. militiaman’s legacy honored by Pa. Guardsmen’s altruism

    During Black History Month, the Pa. National Guard honors two of its Guardsmen with the prestigious Major Octavius V. Catto Medal - awarded for unparalleled community volunteerism, fostering diversity and professionalism.