PA Guard Senior Enlisted Leader visits 111th ATKW Student Flight

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ross Alexander Whitley

Pennsylvania National Guard Senior Enlisted Leader Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Worley spoke with the 111th Attack Wing's Student Flight here on June 11, 2022. During the visit with these newly enlisted Airmen, Worley spoke about the importance of their service.

“I come around to the training flights to meet new airmen and soldiers to say thank you and remind you that you are unique… that by being a Pennsylvania Airman you’re a part of the PA National Guard and we are .0016 of the Pennsylvania population,” said Worley.

Worley also spoke on career benefits available to guardsmen, and mentioned the importance of all the support the PA National Guard has for service members.

“As a leader, we are failing if we are not making sure that our service members feel comfortable enough to raise their hand and ask for help with anything.” Worley continued, “The PA National Guard and this air wing, have the means to help their members with financial problems, the means to help with mental health problems. Whatever your problem is, we as an organization of 18 thousand plus people have a way to help you.”

The Student Flight is a program designed to help new, non-prior service enlistees become better prepared for basic training, making the transition from civilians into the Air National Guard a little easier.

Worley also talked about the support the PA National Guard has provided over the last year.

“Last year in March, we called it the high water mark. Over 6,000 airmen and soldiers from the PA National Guard were on some type of orders; either within this Commonwealth, Washington D.C., or abroad, serving the interests of the United States of America,” said Worley. “6,000 people were out doing something, COVID Response, Civil Service, Operation Spartan Shield in the Middle East, South Africa - we had members all over.”